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Can I get source code?

Yes, you can. However, source code requests can be denied at any time without reason, as stated in my terms of service/use. Source code may not be provided for systems such as the following:

  • Modmail v3
  • Tickets
  • Any custom coded things you ask for

Contact me via a ticket in my Discord server.


Does my bot get updated?

In short, yes. If there is ever a new version of a system that your bot currently has, it will be updated to match that system version. 


Can I get customized features/something changed?

You can get customized features or something changed in an existing system. However, you may be charged depending on the complexity of the change/system you want. This charge may be in your upcoming invoice that is added. Depending on the system/change, the charge may be quarterly (to match your bot's due date) or a one time fee, again it depends. A note will be put in the invoice/order if you are charged for it.


Can I get a refund?

No, refunds of any type are not given unless it's a certain situation where a refund is required. Do not ask for a refund as you will **not** get one.



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